World Quality Hotels – Martı Hemithea Hotel – Mugla / Hisarönü

Martı Hemithea Hotel

World Quality Hotels – Martı Hemithea Hotel – Mugla / Hisarönü.

Memorable Holiday at the Home of Goddess Hemithea

The health and beauty Goddess of Greek Mythology; Hemithea, has given beauty to people of Marmaris – Hisarönü and prolonged their lives for ages.

Inspired by Semi-Goddess Hemithea, Martı Hemithea Hotel offers a memorable holiday to eminent guests through its luxury boutique concept, hidden beauty in details and aesthetic architecture.

By the unique, charming sea and nature landscape of Hisarönü, you will find peace and its glorious sundown will make you re-describe the word; “love”. With all other exclusive services, you will feel special like you never did before.

Give yourself a chance for love, beauty and health.



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